Tuesday, March 10, 2020


I'm almost exclusively working now as a children's illustrator, but I do occasionally accept fine art commissions, so I'm throwing some of my paintings up here until I have a more elegant solution! If you'd like to see what I'm up to with illustration, go here: www.natalielundeen.com. You can also find my contact information on that site if you're interested in a commissioning a painting or buying a piece you see here.

Chicagoscape I - 16"x20" - pastel on paper - SOLD

Dancer at Dusk - 8"x10" - oil on paper - SOLD

El Matador Beach Aerial - 8"x10" - oil on canvas panel - available

The Red Line - 12"x24" - oil on canvas - available

Nasturtiums - 6"x6" - oil on linen - SOLD

Something Found - 24"x36" - oil on linen - SOLD

Study in sepia - 14"x17" - oil on linen - available

Portrait study - 5"x7" - oil on canvas - SOLD

Monterey Twilight - 8"x10" - oil on panel - available

Eaton Canyon study - 11"x14" - Oil on canvas - available

Nocturne - 6"x6" - oil on panel - SOLD

Vintage Dress - 8"x10" - oil on paper - available

Profile study - not for sale

Laura Painting - 18"x18" - oil on canvas - SOLD

Poppies - 11"x14" - oil on linen - SOLD

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